A Competent Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you or a loved one been arrested or charged with a crime? You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to handle your case. At the Law Office of Jeffrey C. Lavey, we aggressively defend the rights of clients who are facing all types of state and federal criminal charges.

Court Room ChairsJeffrey C. Lavey is a dedicated criminal defense lawyer who provides competent legal council to clients charged with a criminal offense in Woburn, MA and the surrounding areas. A criminal arrest is a serious matter that should only be handled by a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney. The stakes are high in matters concerning criminal cases. You risk losing your freedom, your rights, and your good name. At the law office of Jeffrey C. Lavey, we understand what you are facing, and will do everything possible to protect your rights and help you avoid a criminal conviction. For any criminal matter, it’s important to consult with an attorney who has vast experience in the courtroom and who knows criminal law inside and out. Attorney Lavey has a reputation for excellence that is widely recognized and respected in the legal community. Over the course of his career, he has handled hundreds of criminal cases, and gained invaluable knowledge, insight, and skill in the criminal process. As an criminal defense lawyer, he has continued to provide clients with high-quality services that have lead to many successful outcomes. Whether a case involves a simple misdemeanor crime or a serious felony offense, he has what it takes to provide superior defense services from start to finish.

Jeffrey C. Lavey is an experienced trial attorney. He has handled hundreds of cases and has the experience you need. Regardless of the crime, you have legal rights. Whether you have been accused of a crime, under investigation for a crime, or have already been convicted of a crime and wish to appeal, we are ready to fight to protect your rights.